Finders Keepers.. (Losers Weepers)

A Girlfriend & I went adventuring out to The Finders Keepers market in Sydney a few weeks ago. Once again. Spectacular. So much pretty, so much clever..

 photo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_zps87fb4f7c.jpg photo ooooo_zps9f0a9582.jpg photo tmod_zps2cd99482.jpg photo rrrrrrrrrrrrr_zps3e3faf71.jpg photo xxx_zpsee8a09b5.jpg
Favourite Stalls
1. & 2. (First Image) Desire Books (Middle Left) && Harvest Textiles (Bottom Middle) 
7. Fox & Beau (not pictured)
8. Pop Plant (not pictured)


  1. That looks amazing! I would have returned home broke but happy!

  2. Wow, so much lovely stuff to look at! How did you decide what to photograph???

  3. So much super exciting stuff! =)

  4. I love the Finders Keepers. Looks like yours are held in a cool old building too!

    x Jasmine


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