A (SuperDuperLate) Birthday Post

I turned 23(ohmygosh) in March & now it's June So I thought What better time to show off all my pretty presents than 3 months later!

1. Balloons from a Little Sister <3
2. Pretty Wrapping
3. A Time Turner
4. iShower seriously the greatest thing ever.
5. Ocheck Stamps & MT Washi Tape from Little Paper Lane
6. The sweetest little fox <3
7. Harry Potter Birthday Cupcakes
8. The prettiest Nail Art Stickers by Duuet from Made590
9. Owls Shower Cap & my first Keep Cup


  1. Oh my god how lovely things you've got! I love those nail art stickers! :-)

  2. Such beautiful gifts! And that shower cap! I DO NEED ONE like that! :)


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