The First for 2013. (very late!)


  1. Rin,
    Beautiful, as always!
    Did you ever get my letter(s)?


  2. In love with these pics. The black envelope looks so cool! Beautiful :)

    Gina xx

  3. I have been sending out a lot of letters and postcards this month and snailmail project is my 2013 resolution. I pledge to send out lots and lots of mail love :)

  4. How do you do it that your pictures always look so amazing? (maybe it is that the envelope are so intriguing.

  5. Your envelopes look so cute! All my paper etc is packed away at the moment (as recently moved) but I came across your blog when looking for some mailing inspiration (for when I've finally sorted it all out!) and I love the envelope with the border of confetti :)

  6. You really do wonderful things!! your blog is inspiration to me :)
    I would love to, maybe, someday share mail with you linda.

    Muchos besos y abrazos desde Mexico!!

  7. Ooooh!!! I love snail mail too :) if you're ever looking for another penpal let me know! Xoxo, Cindi (from Hawaii)


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Peace & Love xo

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