Projects to Join (January)

This year I've decided to be a little bit more vocal about the billions of wonderful snail mail(ish) projects floating around the blogosphere. Here are my January Favourites - Enjoy && get involved!

League of Extraordinary Penpals
Okay you've got to be kidding me right? "The League of Extraordinary Penpals" !?! Going to go out on a limb here and say best thing to happen in 2013 (yes already!). Run by two seriously lovely girls - Julie from Penpal of the Week && Laura from Please Deliver To - although it was only announced a week or so ago this has got me pretty excited! I signed up as soon as I could (at a discounted rate before February 1!) The Survey I was sent to fill in was super duper fun & The snailmail challenges & swaps look freaking rad. Safe to say if you're into mail - you NEED to be a part of this!

A Recent convert to all that is Valentines Day, after only just figuring out (at 23!) that it's not just about silly boys but anyone & everyone you love, this is another project I'm super excited about. Handmade Valentines Cards? What's not to Love :) Signups close 25th of January. Quick Quick Quick! Run by Lyndsey over at The Stationery Place
Canadian Based Artist Laura Bucci recently put out a call for Mail-Artist to contribute to an exhibition taking place at a Canadian gallery during November 2013. A Wonderful opportunity - the theme is "This is Where I go" & asks for a Handmade Mail Art Piece on a Postcard to be sent through the post to an address listed. I will definately be doing this. Visit The Project Page to find out more.
Oh & If you have a snailmail(ish) project you'd like me to share please email me & I'll do my best to get the word out there!  


  1. Cool list of links Rin I am off to check them out!!

  2. Ahh this is amazing! The more snail mail things I see the more i have to get back into my writing and sending pretty mail. Thanks for the links. I will definitely be checking them out. x

  3. You're the second person I've seen post about the League, it looks like such a great idea!

    x Jasmine

  4. thanks for posting about the swap!! you're the best :)

  5. Thank you for posting this! I already signed up for Lyndsey's Handmade Valentine swap (this is my 3rd year participating), but the League has piqued my interest!


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