Airmail Collection.

I Have been Totally in Love with Airmail Ettiquettes for some years now - but only after being given a very beautiful Airmail Stamp by my grandmother 3 years ago (first photo top right) did I really start searching for & Collecting them - Here are few shots of my (ever growing) Airmail Ettiquette Collection!
(If you have any you'd like to send, swap or sell - please let me know! - I'd be super interested in them!)



  1. I am into these too. I attach them temporarily to a piece of cardstock & then colour copy them so I can use them in my artwork. That way I can keep the originals and yet use them!

  2. I've got a ton of the UK Royal Mail ones if you'd like to do a swap, I'm pretty flexible, just let me know what you're interested in trading!

  3. I recognise those US Mail Par Avion ones!! :)
    Hope to hear from you soon, Rin!

  4. I collect them too -- they are quite delightful and charming, don't you thinK? I have some new ones I could send you but (sadly) I hoard the vintage ones....

  5. I just bought some old envelopes with air mail printed on them from an op shop. I thought they were pretty cool!
    Penny x

  6. I also found some old envelopes and I actually used them because it just looks cooler.


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