StickerBombing #2

New StickerBombing Stickers avalible at Papered Thoughts Etsy Store now!


  1. Rin--
    Loving all of these--especially "Chin up, buttercup" and "Let's do something amazing".
    People often need to be reminded of the wonderfulness in the world, and I thank you for doing your part in that cause!
    Hope you got my mail?
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  2. These are freaking awesome! I love them! I will definitly be swooping some up as soon as I get paid!

  3. These are very cute :) Although I think you have spelt 'brightening' wrong, unless you mean it to say brighting. I'm not trying to be horrible, I just thought I'd mention it in case you want to correct it before you sell them :)

    Love your blog, by the way, I've been reading for a while but haven't commented before. I think your handwriting is beautiful, the letters you send out always look so lovely!

    Have a lovely day :)


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