First Business Cards.

Wahoooo! My Very First Business Cards arrived this week - I designed them via Photoshop CS6 (So totally in love) & they were printed via the Australian Company VistaPrint - who very kindly threw in some return address labels (which I also designed) at 75% off! - They aren't as clear as I'd hoped but are fantastic quality & very thick cardstock! I am planning on designing & Ordering some more from Moo eventually - just need to get a little inspired!


  1. ooh, those return labels are sooo cute!!!

  2. Like the card and the print on it...thanks you share it.
    Gift Card envelopes

  3. I love the colour on the card and labels! Really cute! :)

  4. VistaPrint is great for people on a budget. I've used it in the past but am now investigating using Moo as well. :)
    Lovely designs, btw!

  5. Gorgeous Rin, love Vista print, they have the best prices:) Deedee


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