1. I find it so frustrating that Australian's do "Iced Coffee" wrong. I don't want your cream, icecream, syrup or anything else sugary you want to chuck in my drink. Double Shot over ice + A Dash of Skim Milk.. It's not that hard!
2. Washi Tape from the Wonderful Table Tonic
3. Very Cool Cigarette Tins I found at "The Shed" in Newport.
4. A Rainbow on the way home from a crappy day at work!
5. An Old Monopoly Board Thrifted - I plan to Frame it (Eventually!)
6. My Skull Print & Vintage Tin Cannisters from my Beautiful late Grandmother
7. Washi Tape from the "Washi Wonderful" Giveaway on it's way to Natty at Awkward & Beautiful
8. Still getting used to my short hair!


  1. i love your hair short! it looks awesome!

  2. Your hair looks beautiful! And the vintage monopoly board is so nice :)

  3. love your hair! and those washi tapes too

  4. Have you ever tried a Vietnamese iced coffee? Basically you just swap the milk for condensed milk. It's delicious!

    Love the vintage Monopoly board and cigarette tins.

    x Jasmine


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