Bag it.

I've Seen this post Floating around the blogosphere for a while now & after a comment from a dear friend ("Holy Crap.. what is in your bag!").. I decided to let you all have a little peek!! Even I was a little surprised at what I was carting around!

1. A "Dead" Kindle + Chopsticks from my Favourite Sushi Place.
2. Clipboard, Self Made Geometric Stationery + A Letter from Tabitha
3. Wallet + Receipt from Thrifty Link Hardware (I made Garden Beds for my Classroom this week!)
4. A Fluro Pink Measuring Tape + Self made Stickers for Sticker Bombing :)
5. Trusty Pencil Case - Pens, Pencils, Washi Tape, Highlighters + My "Ideas" Journal
6. Ventolin, PawPaw Cream, Kiki K Gel Pen + Upcycled Altoids Tin full of Bobby Pins & Hair ties.


  1. Yeah! I love your bag. What do your sticker bombing stickers say??

  2. hello Mary! what a good idea for a post ;) they say - "you are loved" "let's go on adventure" "today will be beautiful" :) plus so many more! I will do I post on it soon! x

  3. Your bag is like mine... there's a curious lack of cash but tons of letter -writing supplies. : )

  4. You have a very neat bag. Mine is the bag of doom - Can never find anything in there no matter how hard I try to organise it!

  5. Where did you get your adorable bag?

  6. hello lovely bri! this bag is actually a cheapy ($20AUD) from typo - its not very well made but my bag broke whilst I was out shopping and I just ordered an extraordinarally amazing bag (which I will post about when it arrives!) so this was sort of an emergency/in lieu bag - but it does the job quite nicely :)

  7. Wow, your bag is so much neater than mine. I have so much rubbish in my bag. If I was to do a post like this I'd have to do a bit of a cull beforehand :-/

    x Jasmine


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