Happy Easter Lovelies.

Hello Hello - Just a quick post - as I am planning on posting about my adventure to the "The Olive Tree Markets" in Newcastle tomorrow :)

What a wonderful way to start the Easter Long weekend Fruit Salad, Iced Coffee & My Kindle <3 I hope your long weekend is just as good as mine is looking so far! :) xo

Rin. 22. Female. Serious Washi Tape Addiction. (see above photo) 
Enablers:// DobleEle (etsy)
            In the Clear (etsy)
            Little Paper Lane

Was very excited to recieve this Etsy order from the amazing Kelly Zarb her Zines are Fantastic!

Another Etsy Order from the wonderful Knot & Bow - half my packing/wrapping supplies are courtesy of these wonderful ladies!

A Belated Birthday treat headed over to Bianca at Goodnight Little Spoon <3

some fanmail headed over to Nicholas the creator of the amazing 14x9 Project - if you're looking for more penpals you should have a look!

Have a Happy Happy Easter Lovelies! Peace & Love xo


  1. I really enjoy seeing all these pictures! Happy easter! x

  2. My mum checked my mail box and said I had a letter from Rin waiting for me, atleast I can see it on here :D I can't wait to get home and read it :) I hope you enjoy the rest of your easter weekend!

  3. Eeeee how exciting! I always love looking at how beautiful your mail is <3

  4. ahw that mail to your grandma is so cute! I write with my grandma too!
    And thanks for your mail, just updated my letter writing blog!

  5. Happy Easter, Your mail has made me so happy and I aren't even receiving it.

  6. Wow lovely mail you have received I am so happy the zine arrived safely too, have a happy easter.

  7. Oh there is a card on its way to my mailbox. I am already excited :)
    I love your blog and all the lovely mail you're receiving and sending.
    Also thanks for the links to the etsy shops. There were some lovely wahsi tapes I couldn't resist but to order.
    Happy easter!

  8. Rin, I seriously love your blog! I'm so jealous of all the lovely mail you get, ha-ha! I'm totally in love with all the mail! <3 I'm definitely going to write you a letter seeing that your address is right here on your blog! :)


    P.S. Hope you're having a fun adventure in Newcastle! ;)


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Peace & Love xo

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